Value Your Trade

Are you interested in trading in your vehicle around Newport News? Make sure to trade it in with TrueCar at Casey Subaru. We work to bring the best for our customers, and so we are proud to provide great trade-in value for our community.

How it Works

So how does it all work? Trading in your car is simple around Hampton, VA. First, go online to enter your license plate, VIN, or make/model. This will provide you with an estimate on a cash offer. Things like your mileage and car's condition will affect your offer. From there, you will confirm your car's condition. Contact your Certified TrueCar dealer, which is us, for a side-by-side check. This will go over your vehicle and make sure it aligns with your information. Once you have provided your vehicle's information, received an estimate, and checked your car's condition, you will receive an offer. From there, you will be able to cash out or even trade-in your car near Williamsburg, VA.

The Benefits of Trading in Your Vehicle

If you are considering trading in your vehicle, then it is important to consider the benefits of trading in your vehicle. If you do so, you can take advantage of the Subaru Guaranteed Trade-In Program. This program is tailored specifically for Subaru owners to give them the highest possible trade-in value for their Subaru vehicle. This is exclusively for Subaru owners, and it begins after the first year of ownership. And that trade-in value can be put towards the cost of a new Subaru.

Trade-In Your Vehicle Today

If you have any questions about trading in your vehicle, please feel free to reach out to us. We are committed to providing the very best service around Yorktown, VA. We want to hear from you when you need us.